Percepio is the developer of Tracealyzer RTOS tools, a set of highly visual runtime diagnostics tools that gives developers direct insight into the system’s runtime behavior and a better understanding of errors and timing issues when a traditional debugger’s perspective would be too narrow. Tracealyzer for OpenVX, developed in conjunction with Synopsys, provides a variety of graphical views showing different perspectives of the recorded behavior, ranging from a detailed trace view to high-level overviews and statistics, including OpenVX graph execution on the available cores and accelerators, so you can to study the scheduling, pipelining and timing in great detail. Tracealyzer for OpenVX allows you to visualize the execution of OpenVX applications and identify bottlenecks where optimization can make a big difference. Percepio was founded in 2009 and is based in Västerås, Sweden.

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Percepio Demonstration of Visualizing OpenVX Software Execution with Tracealyzer

Dr. Johan Kraft, founder and CEO of Percepio AB, demonstrates the company's latest embedded vision technologies and products at the 2019 Embedded Vision Summit. Specifically, Dr. Kraft demonstrates how Percepio's runtime visualization tool, Tracealyzer, can be used to understand the execution of OpenVX vision and AI applications running on Synopsys' EV6x processors. The interaction between …

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