Xailient delivers the world’s fastest, most efficient visual AI, allowing computers to see the way humans do, detecting objects and events from images or videos. We have commercialized university research breakthroughs in neuroscience and computer vision (CV). Inspired by nature, our novel CV techniques are 10 to 100x more efficient than today’s “state of the art”. The result is faster, more accurate and dramatically lower cost CV. Xailient is a pure software provider that is hardware-agnostic, perfect for retail analytics, VMS, inventory management, theft prevention and key COVID use cases e.g. temperature monitoring and people counting. In practice, our Detectum can go beyond a 76x speed improvement and approach 100% cost reduction, by skipping the transmission and computation costs of empty images, for example. Focusing only on what matters (seeing the way humans do), across the field of view and across time, customers eliminate waste and optimize accuracy, cost and speed.

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Real-Time Vehicle Detection with MobileNet SSD and Xailient

This blog post was originally published at Xailient’s website. It is reprinted here with the permission of Xailient. From vehicle counting and smart parking systems to Autonomous Driving Assistant Systems, the demand for detecting cars, buses, and motorbikes is increasing and soon will be as common of an application as face detection. And of course, …

Real-Time Vehicle Detection with MobileNet SSD and Xailient Read More +

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