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Award Categories Open to Alliance Members

Only Alliance Member companies can submit entries for these five categories. Member companies may also submit an entry for the Edge AI End Product category which is open for all Member and non-Member companies. Entries for multiple products can be submitted for one or more of these Award categories:

Edge AI Processors

This hardware technology category includes any chip, integrated component assembly (SoC, SoM, etc.), or licensable IP that is used to implement and/or accelerate edge AI and vision-based systems. Examples include CPU, GPU, DSP, FPGA, VPU/ASSP, AI accelerators, licensable cores, etc.

Edge AI Software and Algorithms

This category includes any software or firmware programs and/or algorithms used to implement and/or accelerate edge AI and vision-based systems. Examples include optimized versions of computer vision software libraries and innovative algorithms for implementing visual intelligence.

Cameras and Sensors

The camera has become an intelligent subsystem for a vision system, leading to the emergence of “smart cameras” with integrated visual intelligence functionality. Examples of products in this category include image sensors, time-of-flight sensors and depth sensors, whether they are stand-alone, integrated with optics, and/or integrated with a processor.

Edge AI Developer Tools

Developer tools may include the software, services, and hardware that developers use to create, debug, maintain, or otherwise support edge AI and vision-based systems. A software development kit (SDK) typically contains a set of software development tools that allow the creation of applications for edge AI and vision-based systems. A hardware development kit (HDK) is designed for developers of hardware modules and systems and provides information to build custom hardware.

Automotive Solutions

Edge computing and vision technologies are rapidly emerging in the automotive market and, fused with other sensor technologies, is increasing the safety and enhancing the driving experience. With new advances in deep learning techniques, edge AI and vision systems are becoming more sophisticated in enabling vehicles to “see” their surroundings, thereby improving advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) technology.

These systems use cameras and computer vision techniques to understand the vehicle’s surroundings. This category includes edge AI and vision hardware and/or software technologies developed specifically to improve the driving experience, whether by enhancing safety, providing navigational aid, improving the passenger experience, or providing/enabling autonomous driving functionality.

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Award Category Open to All Companies

This is a category open to both Member and non-Member companies. Members were encouraged to invite their customers to submit an entry for this category. There is no submission fee.

Edge AI End Product

This category includes products, services and applications incorporating edge AI and vision technologies that are delivered directly to the consumer, enterprise, or government markets. Examples include smart hubs for consumers incorporating wake word speech recognition; remote health monitoring systems for the healthcare industry using visual perception and AI technologies; and autonomous vehicles, mobile robots and drones for use in industrial logistics and delivery incorporating low-cost cameras and machine learning to categorize and recognize objects for autonomous operation.

If you have any questions about category placement of your product(s), please email us at visionawards@edge-ai-vision.com.

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