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by J. Scott Gardner
 May 30, 2011

Are you an embedded system designer with a project that needs computer vision?  Perhaps you are already an expert in computer vision technology, but now you need to make your algorithms work in an embedded system?  The Embedded Vision Alliance brings both worlds together and builds a community for sharing ideas and expertise.  A growing list of vendors is supporting the EVA shared goal for accelerating the adoption of computer vision technology in embedded systems. Within the EVA community, you will find others with the same passion for this fascinating technology that allows machines to see and understand the world.  You should feel welcome to reach out for help when you have a question and be appreciated when you give your own time to help others in the EVA community.  Hopefully you each feel the same sense of excitement that we’re on the cusp of a major advance in the capabilities of embedded systems, and all of us can be part of this fast-growing industry.

The EVA website is designed to be a “watering hole” for embedded vision technology, an Internet oasis to frequent on a continual basis to discover new information and exchange ideas with the EVA community.  While other computer vision sites do a great job of delivering news about computer vision, the EVA also provides original content from independent technology analysts.  This industry analysis includes technical insight from BDTI and other expert contributors.  For in-depth analysis of applications and markets, the EVA is assisted by IMS Research, a market intelligence company that has followed computer vision applications for over 6 years. For researching embedded vision components, software and tools, the technology section will continually expand to provide more and more technical detail.  The EVA website also includes technical resources from technology providers, including the EVA Members who will help provide the information requested by the EVA community.

The EVA website also provides a mechanism for technology providers to create information portals that focus on embedded vision and directly support the EVA community with in-depth information and original content.  These Platinum Members help set the strategic direction for the Embedded Vision Alliance and support industry-wide efforts to build the ecosystem that is required for rapid adoption of computer vision in embedded systems.  The Platinum Members at launch include Xilinx, IMS Research, and BDTI.

The most important element of the Embedded Vision Alliance is the website venue that allows the EVA community to communicate with each other.  By posting comments on articles or joining the discussion in the Forums, you’re helping to grow the community and create a shared experience that can be professionally and personally rewarding.  The EVA is the place to connect with your colleagues, make new friends and learn more about embedded vision technology. Join us as we work to harness the benefits of the latest social media tools and develop new ways to recognize and reward the most-helpful community members.

A quick note on social media tools: the EVA privacy policy gives the official language, but the primary goal is to allow the EVA community to use an existing Internet identity to quickly connect to the EVA website and find others in your network that also belong to the EVA. You can always use a conventional log-in method to access the EVA website, and there will likely be a few technical issues as the social media features evolve.

Once you’ve registered as part of the EVA, you’ll see a badge that indicates your experience level.  This is a way to entertain the most-active participants in the EVA community, and many of you will recognize the heritage of the naming convention. The real fun starts with the launch of the Community Rewards Program, since EVA Members are donating prizes that will be shipped to the registered users who win random drawings (most-likely held each month). However, the most-valuable prizes require higher experience levels to participate in the drawings. Stay tuned in the Forums to hear more details and find out when the Community Rewards program launches.

I’d like to close this editorial by offering my personal welcome to the Embedded Vision Alliance community.  I’m sure I will get to know many of you very well, and I look forward to many interesting discussions and helpful feedback.  The EVA is your community when you participate, and it will continue to get better as we work together.  We are all involved in one of the most interesting areas of technology, and the current pace of innovation is clear evidence that we’ve reached an inflection point before explosive growth. Join us at the Embedded Vision Alliance to help make it happen.

To welcome you to the Embedded Vision Alliance and learn more about the motivations for creating the EVA, read this editorial from Jeff Bier.

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