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Oculi Enables Near-zero Lag Performance with an Embedded Solution for Gesture Control

Immersive extended reality (XR) experiences let users seamlessly interact with virtual environments. These experiences require real-time gesture control and eye tracking while running in resource-constrained environments such as on head-mounted displays (HMDs) and smart glasses. These capabilities are typically implemented using computer vision technology, with imaging sensors that generate lots of data to be moved

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Instant Models: Detecting Anomalies in Magnetic Tiles

In this video, Robert Lundberg, CTO and Co-founder of PerceptiLabs, builds a +80% accuracy model that detects anomalies in magnetic tiles in under 5 minutes! Try out PerceptiLabs (free for developers!): https://www.perceptilabs.com Dataset used in the video: https://www.kaggle.com/alex000kim/magnetic-tile-surface-defects/version/1 Read our blog: https://blog.perceptilabs.com Leave your questions and feedback: https://forum.perceptilabs.com Join our friendly community: https://perceptilabs-com.slack.com/join/shared_invite/zt-mxohtpkm-lQI_0nT~tBeUd2RtZIfe4g#/shared-invite/email

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e-CAM83_CUMI415_MOD: 4K Camera Module for Ultra-low-light Conditions

This video was originally published at e-con Systems’ website. It is reprinted here with the permission of e-con Systems. In recent years, there has been an increased emergence of applications that require cameras to operate in low light conditions—from sports broadcasting and smart surveillance to factory automation and quality inspection. As a result, being able

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Boeing Q&A: Machine Learning and AR-powered Aircraft Inspection

In this Q&A moderated by Nick Facey, Senior Program Manager for Accelerate Solutions at Unity Technologies, Jack Hsu, senior manager at Boeing Vancouver, describes the development of his company’s augmented reality (AR) project for maintenance and inspection. You’ll learn how Boeing overcame development challenges by training machine learning algorithms with synthetic images to enable quick

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e-CAM24_CUNX: Color Global Shutter Camera to Capture Fast Moving Objects

This video was originally published at e-con Systems’ website. It is reprinted here with the permission of e-con Systems. Today, there are several vision applications that require cameras to capture fast-moving objects without any rolling shutter artifacts. They include license plate recognition, advanced driver-assistance systems, robotic vision, drones, factory automation, gesture recognition, traffic monitoring, and

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Benchmark Embedded Deep Learning Inference in Minutes

TI Edge AI Cloud is a free service that lets you evaluate accelerated deep learning inference using TDA4x processors from Texas Instruments that you access via the cloud. No hardware purchase or software installation is required. TI Edge AI Cloud lets you: Connect to a Jacinto™ TDA4x processor evaluation board via the cloud Experience software

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