Embedded Vision and Visual AI Industry Map

Today hundreds of companies are developing embedded vision and visual AI building-block technologies, such as processors, algorithms and camera modules—and thousands of companies are creating systems and solutions incorporating these technologies. With so many companies in the space, and new companies entering constantly, it has become difficult to find the companies that match a specific profile or need. The Edge AI and Vision Alliance, in partnership with Woodside Capital Partners, has created the Embedded Vision and Visual AI Industry Map (see below) to address this challenge.

The Industry Map is a free-to-use tool that provides an efficient way to understand how hundreds of companies fit into the vision industry ecosystem. The Map is an interactive, visual database that displays companies within different layers of the vision value chain, and in specific end-application markets. The Map covers the entire embedded vision and visual AI value chain, from sub-components to complete systems. From our immersion in the embedded vision and visual AI industry over the past eight years, we know that the right company-to-company partnerships are essential. We’re excited to provide this Industry Map to help people efficiently find the companies they want to partner with—and to help companies make themselves more visible.

Note that Member companies of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance are listed first in each category. Click on any company entry to visit the company’s website in a separate browser tab. Enabling Technologies companies are companies that supply “ingredient” technologies and components: software components, chips, silicon IP (processors and co-processors, sensors, etc.), subsystems, development tools, and related services (engineering, market analysis, funding, etc.). Systems companies are companies that integrate and implement these various Enabling Technologies “building blocks” into end products. If you’d like an introduction to a particular company, please click on the “Contact a Company” link below and fill out the form that appears.

The Industry Map currently focuses on the embedded vision and visual AI industry ecosystem. Other edge AI technologies and applications will be added in the future. If you’d like to recommend a company for potential inclusion in the Industry Map, please click on the “Suggest a Company” link below and fill out the form that appears.

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