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Austin, TX, 15 September, 2011 – Sales of Explosives, Weapons, and Contraband (EWC) Detection equipment to the world’s airport authorities, amassed a significant $834.9 million in 2010, according to a recent study published by IMS Research, a leading provider of market research in the homeland security industry.

In its study, IMS Research estimates aviation purchases to comprise 45 percent of the total $1.84 billion global EWC detection market in 2010. That’s nearly double the size of the government and military space.

“While hijackings have been an issue since the dawn of commercial flight, the problem of terrorism in air travel reached a boiling point with 9/11,” says Michael Arluck, report author and analyst at IMS Research. “Since that time, deployments of EWC detection machines have multiplied throughout the world’s airports.”

To its benefit, the market has remained relatively insulated from the slow-down in public spending that has harmed other industries. With the year almost a third complete, IMS Research forecasts EWC detection revenues to grow by 6.3 percent in 2011, with growth being driven by two main sources; namely, purchases from the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) in the U.S., and activity in emerging markets.

“The TSA continues to drive growth within the EWC market,” comments Arluck. “In any given year, whether it’s to recapitalize equipment that has already been installed, or to trial the latest technologies, the TSA spends hundreds of millions on new procurements.” Concerning emerging markets he adds, “China alone has plans to build 97 airports by the year 2020. Each of these facilities will require some form of detection equipment for screening people and baggage.” Looking ahead, those suppliers who are best positioned to capitalize on these opportunities will reap great rewards.

The World Market for Explosives, Weapons, and Contraband Detection Equipment is now in its third edition. The study is the most detailed and comprehensive of its kind, and is read by the leading decision makers in the marketplace.

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