Chris Longstaff, Senior Director of Marketing at Imagination Technologies, demonstrates the company's latest embedded vision technologies and products at the May 2017 Embedded Vision Summit. Specifically, Longstaff demonstrates the company's PowerVR GPU versatility for running CNNs…or as he likes to call it, "the banana detector, evolved." In the demo, he shows the PowerVR GPU, successfully running multiple different neural networks. The GPU can run any of them, but they deliver clear differences in terms of accuracy and performance. You can, for example, see a pig confused with a candle. And Longstaff's favorite, the banana, makes a special guest appearance to help show the great compute performance of PowerVR GPUs. In many applications, a GPU with OpenVX and OpenCL capabilities may be all the vision processing capability you need.

For more details on this demonstration, see https://www.imgtec.com/blog/object-recognition-using-cnn-powervr/.

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