BDTI Demonstration of Computer Vision Algorithm Evaluation and Selection

Jeremy Giddings, director of business development at BDTI, demonstrates the company’s latest embedded vision technologies and products at the 2019 Embedded Vision Summit. Specifically, Giddings shows the detailed approach BDTI takes in evaluating and selection computer vision algorithms for its clients.

One of BDTI’s clients, a major consumer products manufacturer, needed a background subtraction algorithm for one of its product lines. BDTI created a custom dataset, defined quality metrics, and evaluated 40 existing algorithms. Having identified the best available algorithm for this application, BDTI is now in the process of modifying the algorithm to improve its accuracy for our client’s use cases.

BDTI is an engineering services company focused on helping companies incorporate computer vision into systems. BDTI’s services include evaluation of processors, development tools and algorithms, as well as developing custom algorithms and highly optimized software. For information on how BDTI can help you incorporate computer vision into your system, contact us at [email protected].

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