Marc Courtemanche, Atlas Product Architect at Algolux, presents the “How to Optimize a Camera ISP with Atlas to Automatically Improve Computer Vision Accuracy” tutorial at the May 2021 Embedded Vision Summit.

Computer vision (CV) works on images pre-processed by a camera’s image signal processor (ISP). For the ISP to provide subjectively “good” image quality (IQ), its parameters must be manually tuned by imaging experts over many months for each specific lens / sensor configuration. However, “good” visual IQ isn’t necessarily what’s best for specific CV algorithms.

In this session, Courtemanche shows how to use the Atlas workflow to automatically optimize an ISP to maximize computer vision accuracy. Easy to access and deploy, the workflow can improve CV results by up to 25 mAP points while reducing time and effort by more than 10x versus today’s subjective manual IQ tuning approaches.

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