Chris Yates, Director at Vision Ventures, presents the “Benchmarking Value in the Age of AI: Rational Decisions About Black Box Technology” tutorial at the May 2021 Embedded Vision Summit.

The combination of AI and embedded vision promises compelling solutions to an almost infinite range of practical problems, often vastly outperforming historical techniques, while stimulating a pace of development unsurpassed since the early days of the internet. As innovative companies progress through each stage of the life cycle from launch, through growth, and towards successful exits, assessments of the commercial value of the company are critical.

With many AI vision companies relying on technical excellence as the foundation of competitive advantage, it has become increasingly difficult for external investors and stakeholders to make informed judgments about value. In this presentation, Yates shares his company’s view and practical approach to assessing value contained in AI companies as a means to help investors make more informed decisions, help companies effectively communicate their value and assist acquiring companies in identifying and valuing acquisition targets.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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