This video was originally published at Oculi’s YouTube channel. It is reprinted here with the permission of Oculi

AR and VR technologies are hot new trends, with both driving the demand for face detection and face recognition technologies across many industries. Camera distortion, background noise, insufficient storage, and improper techniques are among the main challenges impacting the delivery of the optimal AR and/or VR headset that users are eager for.

This video shows the OCULI SPU being used to detect faces. On the left side of the video is Oculi’s smart event based on motion. On the right is the metadata generated using the smart event output, in this case the detected face and in how many frames the face has been detected. The OCULI SPU can run at kHz, delivering a software-defined vision sensor on a single chip enabling solutions for lower latency, lower power, and bandwidth.

Oculi is looking to develop partnerships with OEMs and Tier1s to incorporate the OCULI SPU in modules and end-products.  If you are interested in working with Oculi technology, contact [email protected]

Learn more about Oculi technology https://www.oculi.ai/technology

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