Susan Kennedy, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Santa Clara University, talks with Jeff Bier, Founder of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance, for the “Ask the Ethicist: Your Questions about AI Privacy, Bias and Ethics Answered” interview at the May 2022 Embedded Vision Summit.

Building ethical AI systems is a tricky business, since examining one’s work through an ethical lens may seem to raise more questions than it answers. Following her talk “Privacy: A Surmountable Challenge for Computer Vision,” Jeff Bier, Founder of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance, held an extended conversation with Prof. Kennedy in which she took questions from the audience covering issues of privacy, bias and ethics in AI systems.

What are best practices for building privacy into product design? What can we do to reduce bias in AI systems? Does the presence of bias automatically render a tool ethically unjustifiable? Is ethics really necessary in cases where the relevant laws and regulations are being followed? How should one balance ethical considerations against the company’s objectives? How should teams be structured to minimize ethical issues? These and other queries were addressed during this interesting conversation.

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