Lemur Imaging Demonstration of Its Line Memory Reduction IP Core

Noman Hashim, CEO of Lemur Imaging, demonstrates the company’s latest edge AI and vision technologies and products at the March 2023 Edge AI and Vision Innovation Forum. Specifically, Hashim demonstrates the company’s perceptually lossless Line Memory Reduction (LMR) compression technology, which allows activation memory in computer vision subsystems to be reduced by 50+%.

The compression core is very small, around 20k gates, but allows you to use high resolution images such as FP16 images and store them as 5 bit images with no loss of detail, thus improving overall detection quality while significantly reducing the memory footprint. Lemur Imaging’s LMR cores can also be used to reduce the size of line memory in camera ISPs, video encoders and scalers – always delivering perceptually lossless image quality while reducing system memory by over 50%.

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