“Deploy Your Embedded Vision Solution on Any Processor Using Edge Impulse,” A Presentation from Edge Impulse

Amir Sherman, Global Semiconductor Business Development Director at Edge Impulse, presents the “Deploy Your Embedded Vision Solution on Any Processor Using Edge Impulse” tutorial at the May 2023 Embedded Vision Summit.

Vision-based product developers have a vast array of processors to choose from. Unfortunately, each processor has its own unique tool chain. This makes it difficult for developers to evaluate processor options and target different processors for different product needs. Fortunately, there’s Edge Impulse Studio—a universal development solution that is compatible with any vision-based processor. For example, when using Arm processors, developers can target Arm Cortex-M MCUs, the latest Cortex-M55, the Ethos U55 microNPU, and Cortex-A CPUs—along with the GPUs that are often used with them.

Edge Impulse Studio also supports a wide range of specialized accelerators, such as the Renesas DRP-AI engine and neuromorphic processor cores. In this session, Sherman shows the key features and benefits of Edge Impulse Studio and demonstrate how it enables developers to quickly evaluate processor platforms and easily deploy vision applications on a wide range of embedded hardware.

See here for a PDF of the slides.

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