BrainChip Demonstration of Sensor-agnostic, Event-based, Untethered Edge AI Inference and Learning

Nandan Nayampally, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Product at BrainChip, demonstrates the company’s latest edge AI and vision technologies and products at the 2023 Embedded Vision Summit. Specifically, Nayampally demonstrates the value propositions of BrainChip’s Akida platform.

The Akida platform provides efficient AI edge processing, easily integrated fully digital IP, and a full stack solution. Nayampally showcases demos identifying small objects using theFaster Objects More Objects (FOMO) model from Edge Impulse with a standard camera and counting moving nuts and bolts using a differential vision sensor (DVS) from Prophesee. Finally, he highlights the sensor-agnostic and silicon platform-agnostic attributes, as well as the ease of deployment, of BrainChip’s Akida platform.

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