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In Embedded Vision, Sensors Rule

By Vin Ratford Executive Director, Embedded Vision Alliance This blog post was originally published at EE Times' Industrial Control Design Line. It is reprinted here with the permission of EE Times. This week, I've invited my colleague Vin Ratford to share his perspective on the central role of image sensors in embedded vision. Vin has

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Camera-Inclusive Systems: Don’t Forget To Employ Sufficient Security Stratagems

Adding one or several image sensors to a system, along with the necessary "muscle" to process the captured still and video frames, can notably enhance that system's capabilities and consequent appeal to potential customers. But then again, as editor-in-chief of the Embedded Vision Alliance, you'd expect me to harbor such a belief, right? Keep in

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Embedded Vision teaser video

This is a 3-minute video clip that shows a few examples of embedded vision.  This video was created for a panel at the Future in Review conference.    The goal of the video is to help an audience of C-level technology executives gain an appreciation for just how far computer vision already has come.

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