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7 Sensing Software is an independent software vendor company founded in 2017. We develop technologies to bring together Multi-Modal Sensing, Machine Learning (ML) and Computer Vision at the Edge. We exploit sensors to invent new use cases and fuse data to enhance sensor performance. We extract hidden information from cluttered sensor data, and we apply AI to optimize sensor designs. We develop innovative ML-based solutions for our clients, among others in the areas of imaging, depth sensing and AR. 7 Sensing Software has also launched two products:

  • Light Sense – an ML-based software solution that drastically improves the photorealism of Augmented Reality experiences by rendering the complexity of real-world light conditions seamlessly into the real-world environment.
  • Night Vision – an ML-based software solution to capture vibrant videos in extreme low-light situations with applications in smartphones, smart glasses, automotive and surveillance.

Recent Content by Company

“A Very Low-power Human-machine Interface Using ToF Sensors and Embedded AI,” a Presentation from 7 Sensing Software

Di Ai, Machine Learning Engineer at 7 Sensing Software, presents the “Very Low-power Human-machine Interface Using ToF Sensors and Embedded AI” tutorial at the May 2023 Embedded Vision Summit. Human-machine interaction is essential for smart devices. But growing needs for low power consumption and privacy pose challenges to developers of human-machine interfaces (HMIs). Time-of-flight (ToF) […]

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