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Oculi is putting the “Human Eye” in AI by efficiently delivering real-time vision intelligence (VI) at the edge. The company has developed BionicVision, the most efficient (> 10x) vision technology for real-time edge applications. Oculi’s patented technology is agnostic to both the sensing modality and the post-processing. The OCULI Sensing and Processing Unit (SPU) is a single-chip complete vision solution delivering real-time VI with an output compatible with most ecosystems. With its IntelliPixel technology, the OCULI SPU reduces bandwidth and external post-processing by up to 99% with no loss of relevant information. S11, Oculi’s market-proven first-generation product, is the industry’s first integrated neuromorphic (eye+brain) chip deploying sparse sensing, parallel processing plus memory, and dynamic optimization. Using the OCULI SPU S11, the team has successfully engaged various customers and executed PoC’s with tier-1 global companies in ITS, IoT, consumer electronics and automotive markets.

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