Ze​bop™ develops smart camera technology for demanding applications. Our products push the boundary of what’s possible within computer vision, edge computing, IoT, and Industry 4.0. We move video processing for AI and computer vision closer than ever to the image sensor. This is the most powerful and efficient point in the network. Distributed processing with our products enables AI-powered computer vision in remote and harsh environments. Our chip-level security means you can safely transmit confidential and critical data. Our passion for the ocean space is the cornerstone of our unique expertise. We help you optimize edge-to-cloud system design. We enhance picture quality, extract what is important for computer vision, and optimize communication for security, reliability, and autonomy. This means you can optimize network traffic and send only the data you need to the cloud or data centers. Where you run your workload changes depending on your business. Either way, it’s in your hands.

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