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Contest Rules

We hope that these Contest Rules will answer any questions about submitting your entry. If you need additional information, please check out our FAQ or contact us at visionawards@edge-ai-vision.com.

For the purposes of these rules, we will use the term “We” (or “Us”) to mean the Edge AI and Vision Alliance and the term “You” (or “Your”) to mean your company of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance.

You agree to abide by the following:

  • To be eligible, your new product, or update to your existing product with the innovation described in your entry, must have become available for sale between January 1, 2020 and March 1, 2021.
  • You may submit entries for multiple products and for multiple categories.
  • Your entry is complete when you have filled out all required sections of the online entry form and paid the entry fees. We cannot issue refunds for entries that are withdrawn after submission.
    If you are selected as a winner, you will grant us permission, without compensation, to use your company name, logo and product image in the promotion of this awards program. Only winning entries are promoted.
  • If you are selected as a winner, to help you promote your Award, we will give you permission, without compensation, to use the Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year Award logo on your marketing materials and online for the specific product or service entry.
  • We reserve the right to modify all conditions regarding this Contest without claim for damage or recourse of any kind. Also, we have the right to rescind any awards granted to entrants that have misrepresented their product or entry in this competition.
  • In order to assist you with your entry, we may request additional information or recommend the entry be moved to a different category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Getting your entry submitted weeks or months before the deadline provides more time for us to review your entry, provide you with feedback and for you to incorporate any updates—all resulting in a higher quality entry.

Yes. Obviously, the chances of winning an award increase if you submit entries for multiple categories or products. Also, if you decide to submit the same product for multiple categories, please be sure that each entry is unique and highly focused on the features, benefits and value relevant to the specific category.

Please do not submit confidential information.

The key to a winning entry will be the quality of the application where your responses use specific and quantitative language. For best results, avoid using text from your marketing collateral.

First, use the Entry worksheet to draft your answers. The worksheet allows you to share and collaborate with your co-workers prior to submitting your entry and helps ensure all responses fit within specified word counts. You can find the link to download the Entry worksheet when you click on “Enter Now.”

Entries will be judged on four criteria: innovation, differentiation, customer impact, and market impact. There are a total of six questions and each question is clearly marked with the associated criterion. Your response to these questions will be used by the judges to score your entry for the indicated criterion.

Each of your six responses should be concise and very specific on addressing the key points for each criterion.

The judges score each entry based on the six questions in the worksheet. To obtain a higher score and increase your probability of winning, it is important to answer all six questions – including Question #5: Customer Impact (Testimonials). If there are no existing published testimonials, please do your best to provide a generic testimonial. As a reminder, please do not submit confidential information. Here is an example of a generic customer testimonial: “Here is a testimonial from our customer whose company is a leading provider of [fill in the blank] and the testimonial is from the vice president of engineering. This customer stated [statement the customer made in support of your product].” While a generic testimonial is not as strong as a public testimonial, it does add value to your entry.

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