Thank you for attending the November 21, 2019 webinar "Delivering Milliwatt AI to the Edge with Ultra-Low Power FPGAs," presented by Hussein Osman, Lattice Semiconductor's Consumer Segment Manager, and Hoon Choi, the company's Fellow and Head of AI/ML development!

For more information on Lattice Semiconductor’s sensAI stack, please visit www.latticesemi.com/sensAI. For more information on embedded vision and other computer vision topics, please subscribe to the Alliance’s site-wide RSS feed, along with its Facebook, LinkedIn Company, LinkedIn Group and Twitter social media channels, to receive notification whenever new visual AI content is published on the Alliance website. We also encourage you to register on the website, which offers tutorial articles, videos, and code downloads, among other benefits.
If you’ve found this webinar valuable, you may also be interested in the Alliance’s series of 1-day and 3-day hands-on technical training classes on “Deep Learning for Computer Vision with TensorFlow 2,0 and Keras.” For more information and to receive notification about upcoming classes, please see https://tensorflow.embedded-vision.com.

The Embedded Vision Summit

Embedded Vision Summits are technical educational forums for product creators interested in incorporating visual intelligence into electronic systems and software. They provide how-to presentations, inspiring keynote talks, demonstrations, and opportunities to interact with technical experts from Embedded Vision Alliance member companies. These events are intended to inspire attendees’ imaginations about the potential applications for practical computer vision technology through exciting presentations and demonstrations, to offer practical know-how for attendees to help them incorporate vision capabilities into their hardware and software products, and to provide opportunities for attendees to meet and talk with leading vision technology companies and learn about their offerings.
The next Embedded Vision Summit, along with accompanying workshops, will take place on May 18-21, 2020 in Santa Clara, California. Please reserve a spot on your calendar and plan to attend. More information on next year’s Summit, including online registration, will be available soon on the Alliance website.

Finally, the link to a complimentary copy of the slide deck from this webinar is below:

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