2024 AI Innovation Award Winners

2024 Edge AI and Vision AI Innovation Awards Winners

The AI Innovation Awards celebrate the most innovative end products that utilize edge AI and vision. From breakthrough medical diagnostic devices to autonomous drones, these prestigious awards showcase what’s possible with edge machine perception. Public nominations for awards were accepted. Winning entries were selected by independent judges based on innovation and market influence.

We are excited to present the 2024 AI Innovation Award winners!

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Category: Robotics

AI Innovation award winner


A secure, unattended smart store using computer vision and sensors

“We are thrilled to be recognized by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance with this AI Innovation award. As the most trusted global provider of unattended retail technology, 365 Retail Markets is always striving to provide solutions that offer more convenience to consumers in their everyday lives. With Stockwell 2.0, we have been able to deliver on that goal, and the reception in the market is a testament to consumer readiness to embrace this technology and take advantage of more seamless, technology-driven experiences throughout their daily activities.”

Navreet Gill, Director of Marketing at 365 Retail Markets

AI Innovation award winner


Crop sprayer attachment using AI to distinguish crops from weeds

“Farmers are under tremendous pressure to feed and clothe our growing population and to do so sustainability. See & Spray Premium uses machine learning, computer vision, and robotics to distinguish plants from weeds to treat each plant individually, providing only and exactly what every single plant needs at the moment. Farmers also have the ability to retrofit this technology onto their existing machine, greatly increasing accessibility to more farmers and accelerating the pace for a more sustainable food system. Being recognized by the Edge AI and Vision Alliance with the 2024 AI Innovation Award is validation of the importance of technology on the farm to drive profitability, productivity, and sustainability on the farm.”

Chris Padwick, Director of Machine Learning and Computer Vision at Blue River Technology

AI Innovation award winner


AI-powered visual gun and active shooter detection that saves lives

“Omnilert Gun Detect continues to gain recognition across the industry for its unique combination of visual detection, verification, mass communication and automated response. This AI Innovation Award reaffirms that competitive advantage and highlights once again how effective our system is at preventing gun violence and active shooter incidents in schools, hospitals, places of worship, retail stores and many other public facilities.”

Mark Franken, Vice President Marketing at Omnilert

AI Innovation award winner


AR headset which superimposes 3D computer-generated imagery

Magic Leap 2 is an AR headset which superimposes 3D computer-generated imagery over real world objects, keeping users connected to the physical world while they work. Magic Leap AR delivers critical information intelligently—in the right context, at the right time, in the right form. By integrating AI-enhanced data precisely where, how, and when it matters most, Magic Leap technology goes beyond accessibility. It transforms information into a crucial tool, enhancing productivity and fundamentally improving experiences.

AI Innovation award winner


Drone delivery system capable of making a 10-mile delivery in 10 minutes​

The new drone, which Zipline calls the Platform 2 (P2) Zip, uses a system of wires that lets down the package inside a cute little mini-bus-looking container the company describes as a “delivery droid.” The P2 Zip hovers more than 300 feet above the ground at the delivery point, keeping its blades and noise away from people (and trees and wires and buildings) to let down its tethered droid instead.
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