The Edge AI and Vision Alliance 2023 CES Checklist for game-changing computer vision and perceptual AI technologies

Many Alliance Member companies will be showing off the latest building-block technologies that enable new capabilities for machines that see! CES is huge so we’ve created a handy checklist of these companies and where to find them including how to request suite/demo access. 

AiM Future

Booth #62032

AiM Future will be showing their recently announced NMP family of multi-modal, embedded AI/ML accelerators.


Appointment Only

Ambarella will have a full suite of demos spanning robotics, video conferencing, AIoT and ADAS. There will also be live demonstrations of the latest EVA autonomous vehicles showcasing CV3-AD and Oculii Radar. To request a meeting, please contact [email protected].

Analog Devices

Booth #4725

Analog Devices will be demonstrating the MAX78000 AI Microcontroller, a new breed of AI microcontroller built to enable neural networks to execute at ultra-low power and live at the edge of the IoT.


Appointment Only

Brainchip will be demonstrating in the Socionext and Prophesee suite areas:

In the Socionext area:
– Automotive solutions for remote display, RADAR and embedded sensing and cabin monitoring

In the Prophesee area:
– Edge learning on device for complex visuals

To book at meeting: https://calendly.com/brainchip/ces-2023?month=2023-01&mc_cid=333d04aa42&mc_eid=c7cd28022a 


Booth #2301A & 2201B

Cadence will be showing demos of products featuring Tensilica IP.


Appointment Only

Accelerate your next-generation smart edge chip design with CEVA’s intelligent sensing technologies, wireless connectivity IPs and co-creation design services. For requests to meet at the CEVA suite, please contact [email protected].

eYs3D Microelectronics

Booth #15769

eYs3D Microelectronics, a silicon-centric computer vision company, will be demonstrating their latest products, including 3D sensing, edge compute and heterogeneous SoC.

GrAI Matter Labs

Booth #19235 & 18896

GrAI Matter Labs will be demonstrating several GrAI VIP processor audio and associated computer vision use cases.


Appointment Only

Hailo will be showing its product and solution offerings in various segments such as automotive, surveillance (security), ITS/LPR and will be launching their VMS campaign. For requests to meet at the Hailo suite, please contact [email protected].


Appointment Only

Discover more about
  • Our RISC-V CPU Catapult family
  • Our IMG GPU family, including mobile GPU cores with level 4 ray tracing, and scalable solutions from wearables to data centres
  • AI solutions for edge devices, AV, and heterogenous systems
  • How we can enable the safety-critical systems of autonomous vehicles with our GPU, AI, Ethernet and RISC-V CPU cores
To request a meeting at our suite, please contact [email protected].


Appointment Only

Immervision will showcase the advantages of a complete drone vision solution at CES 2023. To request a meeting please email [email protected].


Appointment Only

Inuitive will be demonstrating its latest “Vision-on-chip” products incorporating imaging, AI, depth and SLAM, as well as exciting new customer systems and the latest from Inuitive partners. Reservations may be made by selecting a day and time here.


Booth #10177

Luxonis will be featuring their range of robotic vision solutions, including OAK cameras and the DepthAI API. Also featured will be rae, which is their first ever autonomous robot.


Appointment Only

Nextchip will show its ISP (Image Signal Processor) especially 8-megapixel resolution with various CFA (color filter array) as RYYCy, RCCG and RGGB for front sensing application. In addition, their DMS solution for both RGB-IR ISP and Edge Processor with NPU will be displayed. For requests to meet please contact [email protected].

Nota AI

Booth #56039-15

Nota AI will be showing hardware-aware AI optimization and edge AI solutions.


Booth #61303

Oculi is a deep-tech semiconductor company that produces the OCULI SPU (sensing and processing unit), the only software-defined vision sensor that provides ultra-fast, efficient and interactive smart vision and respects privacy. To request a meeting email [email protected] or to schedule a meeting with Oculi: https://calendly.com/sana-kouatly/ces-booth-61303-venetian-expo-g?month=2023-01


Appointment Only

Perceive is demonstrating several key ML applications running at ultra-low power, designed to inspire product developers who want to build more advanced ML-based features into their edge devices but have been constrained by their current processor options. To request a meeting contact [email protected]io.

Piera Systems

Booth #55429

Piera Systems Canāree Air Quality Monitor has been selected as a finalist for an Innovation Award in Digital Health.


Booth #5001

Qualcomm will be demonstrating Snapdragon Digital Chassis—platform for the SDV

  • Connected vehicles/safety
  • Central compute & cockpit
  • Driver assistance & automated driving
  • ADAS drive demo 
  • EV charging & vehicle-to-grid
  • Two wheelers
  • Digital services & fleet management


Appointment Only

STMicroelectronics will be showcasing our newest technologies that are reshaping industries and societies as well as addressing the need to support a more sustainable world. Join us to see new applications for:

Smart Mobility
Power & Energy
IoT & Connectivity

To request a meeting, contact your ST sales rep:  https://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/about/events/events.html/ces-2023.html 


Appointment Only

Synaptics is engineering exceptional experiences throughout the home, at work, in the car, and on the go. Its differentiated platforms for wireless connectivity, sensing, low-power AI-enabled processing, touch, video processing and biometrics make it the partner of choice for the world’s most innovative intelligent system providers.
To request a meeting, please visit https://www.synaptics.com/company/events.


Appointment Only

Snytiant will be highlighting both their neural processors as well as deep learning algorithms to embed AI directly on the edge devices in the following categories:

  • Syntiant’s acoustic event detection and sensor fusion algorithms for security running on their neural decision processors (NDP)
  • Syntiant’s hardware agnostic, edge optimized, CV algorithms running on with a few of their camera SoC partners’ solutions
  • Syntiant’s NDP solutions and a partner’s battery management algorithms showcasing the use of AI on the edge in State of Health/Charge/etc. monitoring of EV batteries

For meeting requests please select your preferred day/time at syntiant.com/ces.


Appointment Only

videantis is a leading supplier of deep learning, computer vision, image processing, and video coding solutions. videantis brings artificial intelligence and visual computing to systems that are small, low-power and highly efficient. To request a meeting, please schedule at https://calendly.com/videantis-tony-picard/videantis-meeting-ces?month=2023-01 


Appointment Only

Visidon will be showing their products at the Inuitive and Synaptics CES locations:

On the Inuitive platform:
-Denoise soluiton

On the Synaptics platform:
-Depth Compute and Portrait Segmentation
-Auto Framing
-Face Analysis

To request a meeting at a either location, please visit https://www.visidon.fi/ces-2023/


Booth #62000

Visionary.ai will be showing denoiser and low light capabilities.

VVDN Technologies

Booth #10870

VVDN Technologies, a global provider of engineering, manufacturing and digital services and solutions, will be demonstrating our capabilities on cutting edge solutions for internet of things, vision, automotive, cloud & apps, networking & wi-fi and 5G & data center. Our experts will be available to discuss and demonstrate our latest offerings! https://www.vvdntech.com/events/ces-2023

See you at CES!

Specific venue information can be found on the CES directory here.

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