April 2013 Embedded Vision Summit Replay

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April 2013 Embedded Vision Summit San Jose Proceedings

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"Artificial Intelligence for Robotic Butlers and Surgeons," Professor Pieter Abbeel, University of California, Berkeley

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"What Can You Do With Embedded Vision?," Jeff Bier, Embedded Vision Alliance

"The OpenCV Open-Source Computer Vision Library: Present and Future," Gary Bradski, OpenCV Foundation

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"Exploiting Synergy Between Image Improvement and Image Understanding Algorithms," Michael Tusch, Apical

"Targeting Computer Vision Algorithms to Embedded Hardware," Mario Bergeron, Avnet

"Finding Objects Using Canny Edge Detection," Eric Gregori, BDTI

"Porting Applications to High-Performance Imaging DSPs," Chris Rowan, Cadence

"Using Advanced Algorithms to Bring Vision Capabilities to Power-Constrained Devices," Adar Paz, CEVA

"Developing Low-Cost, Low-Power, Small Vision Systems," Simon Morris, CogniVue

"Algorithms for Object Detection and Tracking," Tim Jones, MathWorks

"Integrating Embedded Vision and Motion Control," Christopher Malato, National Instruments

"Why 3D Sensors Are a Game-Changer for Embedded Vision," Gershom Kutliroff, Omek Interactive

"Using OpenCV in Industrial Robotics," Gary Bradski, OpenCV Foundation

"Real-Time Driver Drowsiness Detection," Radhesh Bhat, PathPartner Technology

"Heterogeneous Mobile Processing Platforms for Computer Vision Applications," Ning Bi, Qualcomm

"Lessons Learned: FPGA Prototyping of a Processor-Based Embedded Vision Application," Markus Wloka, Synopsys

"Embedded 3D Stereo Vision: How it Works, How to Implement It, and How to Use It," Goksel Dedeoglu, Texas Instruments

"Software Approach for Easing Embedded Acceleration of OpenCV Applications," Mark Kulaczewski, videantis

"Challenges and Opportunities in Accelerating OpenCV," José Alvarez, Xilinx

"Vision-Based Automotive Driver Assistance Systems: Challenges and Approaches," Paul Zoratti, Xilinx

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