I hope you'll indulge a brief divergence from 'pure' embedded vision topics, because I just can't resist sharing a highlight clip from the upcoming snowboarding film The Art Of Flight with you. For one thing, the footage was shot with a precursor to the Vision Research Phantom camera systems that I showcased a week ago. And for another, one of the athletes showcased in the footage, Jeremy Jones, hails from my home town.

If you've perused my bio, you already know that I enjoy spending my winter off-hours indulging a variety of snow-based passions. Snowboarding is not among them, at least not yet; the one and only time I tried that particular activity last winter in the form of a lesson at Squaw, my rump and arms hurt for weeks afterwards from repeatedly a) falling and b) pulling myself back up on the board, only to fall again a few seconds later. However, after seeing Jeremy shredding powder in the Art of Flight preview, I'm inspired to try again this upcoming season.

Thanks to Make Magazine and Outside Magazine for the heads-up. Tomorrow, I promise, we'll return to our regularly scheduled embedded vision programming 😉

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