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A new end-user and systems integrator study of the critical success factors, key risks, decision processes, market trends and technology trends in the retail market.

IMS Research has recently published a new report providing end-user and systems integrator feedback on security in the retail market. The quotes provided are an example of the content covered in the research.

End-user on systems integrators:

“Sometimes I feel like we look at solutions and the integrator plays catch-up. I’ll see a new solution, take it to my provider and ask if they have looked at it, and that happens nine times out of ten. They should be coming to me with good ideas.”

End-user on implementing change:

“Most of the time the back-door guys are the targets: the finance guys and the IP guys. The user is more important though. I show the users, the people who work in the stores, what a system can do before I take it to the CEO to tell him what I want. I get the general managers, the staff, excited. After that implementing change is easy.”

End-user on convergence and integration:

“Convergence of security, operations and marketing is only going to be a trend if we embrace change, are prepared to listen and are open to the idea. I’m still not convinced the market is ready for it though.”

The report brochure is attached to this writeup as a PDF document. For more information, please contact Niall Jenkins, IMS Research Manager, via the information below. For further information on other reports from IMS Research, please refer to the Security & Fire research page on the company website.

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