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Welcome to the premier 2012 edition of Embedded Vision Insights, the newsletter of the Embedded Vision Alliance.

Last week's Consumer Electronics Show provided a plethora of reminders that embedded vision is no longer just the promising future but is also the already-successful present. Embedded Vision Alliance member CEVA, for example, publicly released a vision-optimized processor core. EVA member CogniVue unveiled a small, low-power smart camera development module. And check out the diversity of other daily news writeups that I filed throughout the week:

Jeff Bier and Jeremy Giddings represented the Embedded Vision Alliance at CES and videorecorded many of the demonstrations they saw, some of which are already posted with others to be published pending interviewee approval. Bier and Giddings met with both current and prospective new EVA members at CES, along with educating press representatives on Alliance progress and plans, and left Las Vegas inspired by the visionary embedded vision implementations they heard about and auditioned.

I encourage you to regularly revisit the news, technical article and video sections of the EVA website for additional embedded vision content coming from both last week's CES and from future conferences. Similarly, if you haven't yet perused the technical information found at the Embedded Vision Academy, unveiled last month, I commend it to your inspection. And as always, I encourage you to send me an email with any and all thoughts regarding making the Alliance, this newsletter and the website better.

Best wishes for the new year!

Brian Dipert
Editor-In-Chief, Embedded Vision Alliance


A Conversation with Nik Gagvani
Brian Dipert interviews Nik Gagvani, Chief Technical Officer of Cernium Corporation. They discuss Cernium's technology and product progression from high-end surveillance systems for specific markets to the sub-$300 consumer-tailored Archerfish, how the evolution from computer vision to embedded vision has fundamentally enabled that progression, and Gagvani's predictions of how embedded vision will further evolve in the future.

A Conversation with Brian Carlson
Brian Dipert interviews Brian Carlson, Texas Instruments Senior Technology Strategist in the Wireless OMAP Business Unit. The two Brians talk about the burgeoning opportunity for embedded vision in smartphones, tablets, ultralight netbooks and other mobile communications and computing device form factors, and Texas Instruments' current and future product plans for addressing the markets' opportunities.

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The VISION Show: Embedded Designs Are Becoming the Status Quo
Last November, Embedded Vision Alliance Founder Jeff Bier attended VISION 2011, a machine vision faire held in Stuttgart Germany. Part of Jeff's motivation to travel to VISION 2011 was his participation in a panel discussion on the topic of the future of embedded vision. More generally, Jeff found his time at VISION 2011 very useful, both in meeting with potential EVA members and in getting a pulse of the machine vision industry and its expansion and transition into the embedded vision future.   More

Consumer Surveillance Systems: Design Stratagems, Surmounting Implementation Problems, and Assessing the Embedded Vision Ecosystem
The Embedded Vision Alliance held its second quarterly Member Summit on December 6 in Dallas, TX, sponsored by Texas Instruments, and following up the premier event back in September. One notable aspect of the December meeting was the keynote conducted by Cernium's CTO Nik Gagvani. Gagvani's talk was both entertaining and informative, and attendee reviews revealed it to be a highlight of the day's activities.   More

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