Remember Google's augmented reality glasses, the rumors of which I mentioned back in late February? Well, they're real, as it turns out, at least in prototype form. They're under development by the same 'Google X Lab' that is working on the company's autonomous automobile…and it's not April 1st, so I'm not fooling (although that's not even a reliable metric, since Google launched Gmail in initial invitation-only beta form on April 1, 2004).

The above concept video published earlier today comes from the team, which has also published a Google+ site devoted the topic. I'm happy to report that the Google Glass prototypes look nothing like the Oakley sunglasses that they were rumored to mimic…and for that matter, nothing like Georgi La Forge's air cleaner-reminiscent headgear, either:


To wit, here are some concept still images from the Google Glass team (and models). Note that this isn't a pair of lens-inclusive glasses, per se, although it can optionally be mounted to them. Instead, it encompasses a frame-mounted microdisplay located in the upper region of your right eye's viewing area, activated by (among other ways) voice commands and a head-tilt gesture:

There's still no word on price, availability or for that matter any solid specifications. With that said, for more information and perspectives, see the following additional coverage:

Welcome to the future. Ahem.

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