Embedded Vision Alliance Announces Eight New Members, Upcoming Industry Summit


Partnership of Industry Leaders Inspires and Empowers Engineers to Create "Machines that See and Understand"

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., April 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Embedded Vision Alliance (www.Embedded-Vision.com) today announced that eight companies have joined the Alliance in the past four months, bringing membership to a total of 33 companies. The Embedded Vision Alliance brings together providers of technology that enables creation of computer vision applications in embedded systems, mobile devices, PCs and the cloud. On April 25, the Alliance will host the Embedded Vision Summit, a free day-long technical educational forum for engineers interested in incorporating visual intelligence into electronic systems and software. (To register, and for more information on this event, visit www.embeddedvisionsummit.com).

Reflecting the Alliance's diversity, its new members supply ICs, IP cores, software and services to companies implementing embedded vision capabilities in their next-generation products. The new Alliance members are also geographically diverse, based in Austria, Belgium, Canada, India and the U.S.

New Alliance members providing semiconductors and associated software include GEO Semiconductor (www.geosemi.com), Qualcomm (www.qualcomm.com) and SoftKinetic (www.softkinetic.com). GEO Semiconductor develops technologies for geometric correction and compression of video and specializes in ultra-wide field of view "fisheye" dewarping; in early 2013, the company acquired the video processing business of fellow Alliance member Maxim Integrated Products. Qualcomm supplies the popular Snapdragon™ line of ARM-based application processors, as well as other embedded vision innovations such the Vuforia™ augmented reality software platform and the FastCV algorithm library. SoftKinetic is a provider of 3D vision and gesture recognition solutions, including CMOS sensors, cameras and embedded modules, middleware, and applications such as games.

New Alliance members providing processor IP cores are FireFlyDSP (www.fireflydsp.com) and Tensilica (www.tensilica.com). FireFlyDSP offers DSP core solutions, accelerators and consulting to optimize embedded vision for performance, code size and silicon costs while enabling a modern software programming environment. Tensilica's highly specialized and customizable dataplane processor unit (DPU) cores sit alongside a central applications processor. Tensilica recently introduced the IVP, an imaging and video DPU for the complex image/video signal processing functions in mobile handsets, tablets, digital televisions, automotive, video games and computer vision based applications.

New Alliance members providing design services include Bluetechnix (www.bluetechnix.com), Fidus Systems (www.fidus.com) and PathPartner Technology Consulting (www.pathpartnertech.com). Austria-based Bluetechnix provides hardware and software design services and a broad range of standard products. Bluetechnix just released its new line of 3D time-of-flight cameras featuring the Argos3D-P100 off-the-shelf camera and the Sentis-M100 board-level camera. Fidus Systems, which is headquartered in Canada and operates a Silicon Valley design center, specializes in high-speed, high-complexity, electronic design services. Fidus' extensive expertise includes hardware, FPGA, signal integrity, embedded software, and mechanical design. Fidus is a Xilinx Premier Design Services member.  PathPartner, based in India, provides software solutions, engineering services, system integration and technology consulting which enable the development and deployment of devices for embedded vision and other markets.

"The Alliance's recent—and quite rapid—membership growth shows that embedded vision is no longer a 'future' technology, but one that presents real and exciting opportunities today, in applications as diverse as automotive safety, healthcare and entertainment," said Alliance founder Jeff Bier.

Expanding on the highly successful inaugural Embedded Vision Summit last September in Boston, Massachusetts, the next Embedded Vision Summit will take place on April 25, 2013 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, in conjunction with UBM Electronics' DESIGN West Conference. The Summit will provide an opportunity for engineers to learn about the hottest technologies in the electronics industry—"machines that see and understand." Attendees of this event will have access to a series of "how-to" presentations, demonstrations and keynote talks. To register, please visit www.embeddedvisionsummit.com

In addition, on April 26, Alliance member companies Analog Devices, Avnet and BDTI will present a half-day embedded vision workshop exploring hardware and software for image processing and video analytics, featuring the Avnet/Analog Devices Embedded Vision Starter Kit. To register, visit www.em.avnet.com/en-us/design/trainingandevents/Pages/Embedded-Vision-Summit-Hands-on-Workshop.aspx.

The Embedded Vision Alliance was founded in May 2011 and is led by BDTI (www.BDTI.com). The Alliance is a membership-based collaboration dedicated to inspiring and empowering product developers to incorporate vision technology into their products. A key means of achieving this is providing design engineers with the practical information they need to effectively use embedded vision technology. The Alliance's first step was the launch of its website at www.Embedded-Vision.com. The site, increasing in content and visitors on a daily basis, serves as a source of practical information to help design engineers and application developers incorporate vision capabilities into their products. Access to resources on the website, which are provided by Alliance staff and member companies, is free to all. Information for prospective member companies is also available at the site.

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