Apical Announces the Release of Its New Smart Camera Engine, Assertive Vision


Boston 2 Oct 2013: Apical, a UK company which provides advanced imaging and video technology to many chipmakers and OEMs, today announced the release of its Assertive Vision embedded processor at the Embedded Vision Summit in Boston, USA.

Apical’s Assertive Vision is a real-time detection, classification and tracking engine capable of accurate analysis of people and other objects. It is designed for integration into system-on-chip devices and requires no external compute resources.

It makes no compromise on performance and analyses all pixels in HD video in real time. For example, any number of people and their poses can be simultaneously detected and tracked based on a set of models of the head, upper and full body. This enables an unprecedented ability to analyse the presence, motion and behaviour of individuals and groups within a very wide range of environments.

The Assertive Vision processor brings together Apical’s expertise in image processing with state-of-the-art embedded vision algorithms and demonstrates a level of performance and accuracy previously unseen in smart cameras.

Robustness to complex and difficult environments was a key factor in the design, with the result that the system copes very well with both day and night conditions, variable lighting, background motion and complex scenes.

Michael Tusch, CEO Apical: “We knew that if we could combine our imaging experience and abilities to implement complex analytics algorithms in low-power hardware we ought to be able to produce a step change in performance of smart cameras. And this step change is needed for the long-promised potential of smart cameras to be realised. Our Assertive Vision processor achieves all the goals we set ourselves and I believe it offers the foundations for a new level of intelligence in cameras.”

About Apical

Apical is a leader in advanced image and video processing technology for embedded applications. The company’s Assertive products are derived from original research into the human visual system and are designed to maximize the performance of a wide range of image capture and display devices. Apical works primarily with OEMs and semiconductor manufacturers for whom imaging capture and display are critical components. Apical is a privately-held company based in the UK. www.apical.co.uk

For more, please see the video interview "Apical Unveils the Assertive Engine Embedded Vision Processor Core."

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