Last Friday, I had the pleasure of telling you about the first scheduled keynote presenter for May's Embedded Vision Summit, Ren Wu, distinguished scientist at Baidu's Institute of Deep Learning. Today, I'm pleased to tell you about the other scheduled keynote presenter, Mike Aldred, Electronics Lead at Dyson.

Mike obtained a Ph.D. in Robotics at the University of Kent, Canterbury. He joined Dyson when his research group was hired to help the company develop a robotic vacuum cleaner. For fifteen years his focus has been on robotics, starting as a software engineer on Dyson’s first robot vacuum (the DC06—which never launched) and then progressing to management of the robotics team on the Dyson 360 Eye™ robot vacuum.

Mike also developed software for Dyson’s first bladeless fan, the AMO1, and has also managed Dyson’s Electronics Research Group. His main focus, however, has always been to ensure that Dyson produces a world-beating robotic vacuum cleaner. For more information on the Dyson 360 Eye, which as its name implies relies extensively on embedded vision processing to deliver robust autonomous room-navigation capabilities, check out the following video showcased on the Alliance website's Eye-Catching Clips page:

The Embedded Vision Summit, taking place May 12, 2015 at the Santa Clara (California) Convention Center, is a technical educational forum for product creators interested in incorporating visual intelligence into electronic systems and software. Accompanying partial- and full-day workshops will occur on both May 11 and 13. Register today, while the "early bird" limited-time 20% discount is still available!

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