“Computer Vision on ARM: The Spirit Object Detection Accelerator,” a Presentation from ARM

Tim Hartley, Senior Product Manager in the Imaging and Vision Group at ARM, presents the "Computer Vision on ARM: The Spirit Object Detection Accelerator" tutorial at the May 2017 Embedded Vision Summit.

In 2016, ARM released Spirit, a dedicated object detection accelerator, bringing industry-leading levels of power- and area-efficiency to computer vision workflows. In this talk, Hartley looks at the functionality and architecture of this unique accelerator and how it enables smart, at-the-edge cameras from IoT and mobile through to embedded class devices and even up into the cloud. In addition to Spirit, the talk touches on ARM programmable solutions for vision, including a look ahead to how chip, system, algorithm and application developers will be able to leverage vision and machine learning software across all forms of processors, from CPUs to GPUs and beyond.

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