“Making OpenCV Code Run Fast,” a Presentation from Intel

Vadim Pisarevsky, Software Engineering Manager at Intel, presents the "Making OpenCV Code Run Fast" tutorial at the May 2017 Embedded Vision Summit.

OpenCV is the de facto standard framework for computer vision developers, with a 16+ year history,  approximately one million lines of code, thousands of algorithms and tens of thousands of unit tests. While OpenCV delivers decent performance out-of-the-box for some classical algorithms on desktop PCs, it lacks sufficient performance when using some modern algorithms, such as deep neural networks, and when running on embedded platforms. Pisarevsky examines current and forthcoming approaches to performance optimization of OpenCV, including the existing OpenCL-based transparent API, newly added support for OpenVX, and early experimental results using Halide.

He demonstrates the use of the OpenCL-based transparent API on a popular CV problem: pedestrian detection. Because OpenCL does not provide good performance-portability, he explores additional approaches. He discusses how OpenVX support in OpenCV accelerates image processing pipelines and deep neural network execution. He also presents early experimental results using Halide, which provides a higher level of abstraction and ease of use, and is being actively considered for future support in OpenCV.

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