“Vision for All?,” a Presentation from Intel

Jeff McVeigh, Vice President in the Software and Services Group and General Manager of visual computing products at Intel, presents the "Vision for All?" tutorial at the May 2017 Embedded Vision Summit.

So, you’ve decided to incorporate visual intelligence into your device or application. Will you need a team of computer vision PhDs working for years? Or will it simply be a matter of choosing the right off-the-shelf frameworks, modules and tools? The palette of available off-the-shelf computer vision software and algorithm resources is advancing fast. As a result, for some types of vision capabilities, it’s increasingly practical for software developers who aren’t vision specialists to add vision capabilities to their products. At the same time, there remain many use cases where development “from scratch” is required. In this talk, McVeigh shares his perspective on the state of vision software development today, where it’s heading, and the key opportunities and challenges in this realm for both novices and experts.

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