“Ultra-Efficient VPU: Low-power Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Computational Photography,” A Presentation from FotoNation

Petronel Bigioi, General Manager at FotoNation, presents the "Ultra-Efficient VPU: Low-power Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Computational Photography" tutorial at the May 2017 Embedded Vision Summit.

This talk focuses on bringing intelligence to the edge to enable local devices to see and hear. It explores the power-consumption-vs.-flexibility dilemma by examining hard-coded and programmable architectures. It highlights FotoNation’s hybrid design, in which the most appropriate processing path is chosen to achieve the best power, performance, programmability and silicon area. It also highlights FotoNation’s approach to programmable deep neural network engines. And, since seeing is believing, Bigioi demonstrates uses cases in face detection, face tracking, generic object tracking and more.

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