“PCI Express – A High-bandwidth Interface for Multi-camera Embedded Systems,” a Presentation from XIMEA

Max Larin, CEO of XIMEA, presents the "PCI Express – A High-bandwidth Interface for Multi-camera Embedded Systems" tutorial at the May 2017 Embedded Vision Summit.

In this presentation, Larin provides an overview of existing camera interfaces for embedded systems and explores their strengths and weaknesses.  He also examines the differences between integration of a sensor and integration of a complete camera into an embedded system.  He then presents XIMEA's approach for utilizing PCIe technology in vision applications using examples based on the Jetson TX1 platform and XIMEA’s xiX and xiC cameras, which are currently used in many applications in virtual reality, entertainment, 360 panorama cinematography, and sports.  These examples illustrate the unique features of PCIe, including high bandwidth, low latency, zero processor overhead, aggregation of multiple cameras, scalability, flexibility and interconnection over short and long distances.  These benefits enable integrators and OEMs to implement embedded systems that require high-quality and high-speed video input from one or multiple cameras.

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