“How 3D Maps Will Change the World,” a Presentation from Augmented Pixels

Vitaliy Goncharuk, CEO and Founder of Augmented Pixels, presents the "How 3D Maps Will Change the World" tutorial at the May 2017 Embedded Vision Summit.

In the very near future, cars, robots, mobile phones and augmented reality glasses will incorporate inexpensive and efficient depth sensing. This will quickly bring us to a new world in which 3D maps with accuracy of 1 cm or less are readily available. The availability of 3D maps will create great opportunities for many industries to invent new services, achieve new levels of user experience and accumulate new knowledge. Eventually, the value of 3D maps will exceed the value of traditional maps (such as Google Maps) by many times!

In this presentation, Goncharuk explores business opportunities enabled by 3D maps in automotive (for example, Mobileye’s Road Experience Management), home robots (fully autonomous personal assistants, vacuum cleaners, etc.), logistics and other sectors. He also discusses the synergy among different devices enabled by merging 3D maps in the real time to perform complex tasks in warehouse management, industrial maintenance and repair and other domains.

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