Stereo vision is the next big step in camera applications, and this demo shows PathPartner’s lead in stereo camera solutions.

PathPartner's fully in-house developed solution consists of a camera module, its associated software, and an Android mobile application. The camera module is MIPI-compliant and uses OmniVision’s OV10823 image sensors with 10.5 megapixel resolution. The software includes a sensor driver for Qualcomm’s SD820 platform and an Android application, called Aeye, for demonstrating camera controls. PathPartner has carried out image quality tuning using Qualcomm’s ISP, implementing functions such as autoexposure and auto white balance synchronization, black level, defective pixel correction, an adaptive Bayer filter, lens roll off, color correction, and wavelength denoise.

The Android application provides user controls for resolution, exposure, white balance, grey scale, zoom controls and single preview. Under exposure, we have auto mode, auto lock and a manual mode that allows for control of more parameters. Auto lock holds the exposure at the current value. Once locked, the exposure does not change irrespective of subject movements. When set to auto mode, the exposure changes when the subject moves in front of the camera. Manual mode allows for control of exposure time, frame rate and ISO.

Under white balance, we have auto, auto lock and manual modes. Auto lock holds the white balance at the current value. In manual mode, a few standard white balance presets are available, such as fluorescent, cloudy, day light, incandescent, shade, twilight, and warm fluorescent. Under resolution we have a set of standard options, such as 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K. Zoom controls are available for zooming in and out. And single preview mode allows for viewing from a single camera.

This solution has a wide range of applications for automotive, security, factory automation, and logistics in the industrial market space. Some specific example opportunities are in 3D video recording, depth sensing, object detection for bin picking, and 3D object location and identification.

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