“Designing Vision Front Ends for Embedded Systems,” a Presentation from Basler

Friedrich Dierks, Director of Product Marketing and Development for the Module Business at Basler, presents the “Designing Vision Front Ends for Embedded Systems” tutorial at the May 2018 Embedded Vision Summit.

This presentation guides viewers through the process of specifying and selecting a vision front end for an embedded system. It covers topics such as selecting the right sensor, a suitable optical setup, sensor interface, real-time process coupling, and (last but not least) how and where to do the image pre-processing such as de-Bayering, white balancing, etc.

While there are many experts who understand how to process images once they are in memory, the detailed knowledge of how to create these images in the first place is not so widely known. A lot of these more “analog” topics are critical for the success of many projects, in terms of meeting performance, cost and other design targets. This presentation gives an overview of the design flow for the vision front end, addressing common pitfalls and describing solutions for typical applications.

Here you’ll find a wealth of practical technical insights and expert advice to help you bring AI and visual intelligence into your products without flying blind.



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