“Improving and Implementing Traditional Computer Vision Algorithms Using DNN Techniques,” a Presentation from Imagination Technologies

Paul Brasnett, Senior Research Manager for Vision and AI in the PowerVR Division at Imagination Technologies, presents the “Improving and Implementing Traditional Computer Vision Algorithms Using DNN Techniques” tutorial at the May 2018 Embedded Vision Summit.

There has been a very significant shift in the computer vision industry over the past few years, from traditional vision algorithms to deep neural network algorithms. Many companies with experience and investment in classical vision algorithms want to utilize DNNs without discarding their existing investments. For these companies, can classical vision algorithms provide insights and techniques to assist in the development of DNN-based approaches?

In this talk, Brasnett looks at the similarities between classical and deep vision. He also looks at how a classical vision algorithm can be expressed and adapted to become a trainable DNN. This strategy can provide a low-risk path for developers transitioning from traditional vision algorithms to DNN-based approaches.

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