Xilinx's Machine Learning Suite is the 2018 Vision Product of the Year Award Winner in the Cloud Technologies category. The Xilinx Machine Learning Suite provides tools for accelerating vision applications in the cloud. The key innovation of the Xilinx Machine Learning Suite is that it enables cloud users of machine learning inference to get an order of magnitude performance advantage/cost savings of optimized FPGA acceleration over GPUs; without the effort of developing a custom FPGA accelerator. Other innovations are the unique fixed-point quantization, layer fusing and FPGA memory optimizations that help maximize the acceleration benefits of the FPGA compute performance. The suite delivers lower-latency, higher-throughput, lower-cost machine learning inference in real world applications.

“Traditional application-specific processors have not been able to keep up with compute-intensive workloads running in today’s cloud data centers, like machine learning, genomics, and video transcoding. But Xilinx’s technology is uniquely intelligent and adaptable. The Xilinx ML Suite uses FPGAs to accelerate machine learning inference in applications to deliver dramatic improvement in performance while reducing latency and cost. It is an honor to have our innovation in cloud acceleration be recognized by the Embedded Vision Alliance as the Cloud Technology Vision Product of the Year.”
Dale Hitt, Director, Strategic Market Development, Visual Intelligence, Xilinx

Xilinx helped drive the creation of the Embedded Vision Alliance and was the first Embedded Vision Alliance Platinum Member. You can find Xilinx All Programmable devices including the Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC device family and the Virtex-7 and Kintex-7 FPGAs in a growing number of fielded embedded vision products across all markets including Aerospace, Automotive, Broadcast, Defense, Consumer, Industrial, and Medical. Xilinx has led the industry in developing All Programmable platforms that help hardware and software developers and system architects accelerate computer vision algorithms. Xilinx continues to invest in a host of new technologies specifically tailored for embedded vision applications. Xilinx is very excited to see its customers push the boundaries of embedded vision applications using its All Programmable devices and the broad Smarter Vision development ecosystem that surrounds these devices. To learn more about Xilinx, please visit the Xilinx Platinum Area of the Embedded Vision Alliance Web site.

Applications for the 2019 Vision Product of the Year Awards are now being accepted, until March 8, 2019. If you're an employee of an Embedded Vision Alliance member company, please see here for an online application form. If you're interested in becoming a member of the Embedded Vision Alliance, please see here for more information!

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