PathPartner Showcases AI-Based Algorithms for Autonomous Machines on NVIDIA’s Jetson AGX Xavier Platform


PathPartner to Demonstrate its Smart-Vision Algorithms Suite at GTC 2019 in San Jose from March 17-21

Fremont, California – Mar 2, 2019 – PathPartner Technology, a product R&D and engineering specialist, announced today that it will demonstrate its AI-based smart-vision algorithms suite for autonomous machines at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2019 in San Jose from March 17-21. PathPartner’s smart-vision algorithms suite runs on the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier platform and represents a significant step forward in the development of highly advanced autonomous machines such as AI-powered robots, drones and autonomous vehicles.

PathPartner’s algorithms suite is designed to provide a jumpstart solution to organizations looking to embed vision-based intelligence in their next-generation smart machines. The current edition of the suite consists of integrated CNN-based algorithms for object detection, vehicle detection, pedestrian detection, traffic sign recognition, traffic light detection and lane marking detection and will be regularly expanded to provide newer functionality. 

Central to PathPartner’s algorithms suite is the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier, which delivers exceptional processing capability and energy efficiency to run computationally intense integrated deep neural networks. Powerful GPU acceleration and out-of-the-box availability of software SDKs (such as JetPack SDK) and tools ensure that any customizations can be deployed rapidly.

“Autonomous machines of the future will require reliable vision-based perception capability and computational horsepower of a supercomputer,” said Ramkishor Korada, EVP – business development and marketing at PathPartner. “PathPartner’s AI-based algorithms suite powered by NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier is designed to achieve just that. Coupled with our rapid customization and system integration capabilities, the PathPartner algorithms suite will help organizations quickly develop the next wave of autonomous machines.”

"PathPartner is a valued Jetson ecosystem partner that enables computer vision-based applications and algorithms in robotics, manufacturing and more,” said Murali Gopalakrishna, head of product management, autonomous machines for NVIDIA. “These types of AI algorithms, developed on the powerful Jetson AGX Xavier platform, will give machines the ability to see and understand the world around them.”

PathPartner at GTC 2019

PathPartner will be demonstrating its AI-based algorithms suite at GTC in San Jose from March 17-21, 2019. To set up a meeting, write to [email protected].

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