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Auckland, NZ 7 May 2019 – Teknique, the solutions provider for vision-enabled products, is exhibiting at this month’s Embedded Vision Summit with new integrated camera modules that help device makers get their products to market faster. The company is demonstrating two Ambarella™-based SoMs (System on Modules) and offering engineering and business advice to delegates at the Summit, being held May 20-23 in Santa Clara, CA.

The Oclea range of ready-to-go SoMs from Teknique accelerate the design process by allowing cameras to be integrated into a new system within 6-12 weeks – in contrast to a custom-camera approach which can take up to 12 months.

At booth 613, Teknique will exhibit the Oclea SoMs and Evaluation Kits with a number of demonstrations showcasing some of their advanced features including hardware accelerated CNN processing, cloud integration, video analytics, and easy-to-use Software Development Kits.

In addition to the technical demonstrations on the stand, Teknique executives will share best practice in the business and technology tracks, drawing on the company’s more than 15 years’ experience in camera and vision development.

In the Business Insights Track, Teknique’s CEO and founder Ben Bodley will describe using a systems approach to product development from proof of concept validation through to scaling up manufacturing in large volumes.

In the Enabling Technologies Track, Teknique’s Quality Assurance Manager Ian Billing will demonstrate how developers using modular components can quickly integrate a camera into a product and spend more time focussing on user experience and less on details such as image tuning and camera sensor drivers.

Teknique, which in April appointed Macnica Americas as its North American distributor, is targeting Oclea SoMs at manufacturers wanting to achieve more powerful image processing capability directly in the camera. Because processing video ‘on the edge’ of the network requires no external on-premise or cloud data processing, operating costs are lowered, and the reduced latency is an advantage for products requiring real-time decision making such as autonomous vehicles, industrial and commercial automation and professional security.

“Bringing a vision system product to market using traditional processes is costly and time-consuming but this is changing with the arrival of ready-to-go SoMs,” says Ben Bodley, CEO, Teknique. “At the Embedded Vision Summit we will show how the Oclea range embodies our more than 15 years development experience with off-the-shelf camera modules, allowing customers to reduce the time and costs of integrating complex SoCs and peripherals into their next product.”

Visit Teknique at booth 613 or learn more at www.teknique.com and www.oclea.com

Teknique is a member of the Embedded Vision Alliance, a worldwide industry partnership that brings together and supports technology providers who are enabling innovative and practical applications for computer vision.

About Teknique

Teknique specialises in systems integration for camera and vision solutions, using the Ambarella range of advanced imaging and computer vision SoCs. Teknique’s deep manufacturing know-how and solutions-based approach extends from ideation to finished product and support post-deployment. Teknique produces the Oclea range of System-on-Module (SoMs), based on Ambarella’s SoCs and supported by Teknique’s 15+ years’ experience in vision enabled product technology. Oclea SoMs represent a faster way to get to market, with reduced time and risk and features such as advanced ISP functionality and CVFlow CNN acceleration. To support its off-the-shelf and bespoke camera solutions, Teknique offers Sensee.ai, an IoT video intelligent platform providing safe and secure cloud and mobile connectivity, device management, video streaming, and analytics functionality.

For more information, see www.oclea.com or www.teknique.com

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