Peter McGuinness, Vice President of AI and Services at Mindtech, presents the "Can Simulation Solve the Training Data Problem?" tutorial at the May 2019 Embedded Vision Summit.

While there has been rapid progress in the adoption of neural networks and the evolution of neural network structures, the problem of training data remains. Even companies with access to the largest data sets still need additional data, and in particular corner case data.

At the same time, many companies simply don’t have access to “big data” and need an alternative solution. The advent of powerful GPUs, able to give near photo realistic results in simulations, has led to the evolution of simulators for the creation of training and test data for AI systems.

This talk discusses the benefits of such an approach, as well as looking at the issues and limitations introduced by using artificial data. While this methodology has been driven by the automotive industry, its relevance to other industries such as surveillance and retail is also discussed.

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