Top AI Chipset Companies Announced, Including NVIDIA, Intel, NXP, Apple, and Google, Based on Research


NVIDIA, Intel, NXP, Apple, and Google top the A-List in AI Chipset Index based on recently released research by Compass Intelligence. The 2019 A-List in AI (artificial intelligence) Chipset Index includes companies providing software and hardware components of AI chipsets. AI chipset products include central processing units, graphic processing units, neural network processors, application specific integrated circuits, field programmable gate arrays, reduced instruction set computer processors, accelerators and more. These companies, among others, showcase the top companies innovating and succeeding in AI chipset technologies. Based on a proprietary research framework and model, these top 10 companies scored roughly 85 to 95 points out of a total of 100 points per the index.

NVIDIA tops the A-List in AI Chipset Index, followed by Intel, NXP, Apple, and Google. Rounding out the rest of the top 15 include AMD, Huawei, Imagination, ARM/Softbank, Qualcomm, Broadcom, MediaTek, Samsung Electronics, Amazon, and Microsoft. NVIDIA introduced both the Tesla and DGX chipset targeted to data scientists. Tesla is designed for AI training, deep learning and parallel processing that supports in training AI models or neural networks. DGX is targeted at AI scientists, researchers and developers. Tegra is the SoC which incorporates multiple GPUs and multi-core CPUs into a single chip to power data centers, robots and more. In 2018, Nvidia introduced new AI chipset products such as the Jetson Xavier optimized for robots and embedded use cases such as healthcare and manufacturing industries.

"Nvidia continues to leads the AI chipset Index but is facing strong contention from newcomers like Apple (A12), Google (TPU) and AWS (Inferentia) as well as startups like Horizon Robotics, Graphcore (>$312 million funding) and Wave Computing.," says Nadine Manjaro, Senior Analyst. "The datacenter segment has been the strongest revenue growth area for AI chipset technologies but is cooling due to the surplus cloud capacity and Amazon and others using some of their own chips. However, development in edge computing could offset this slowdown."

The 2019 CompassIntel A-List in AI Chipset Index top ten companies include:

The CompassIntel A-List Index is a research framework using economic indicators, vendor tracking analysis, firmographics, market metrics, quantitative tracking, and data analytics to provide a scoring and ranking system for vendors in the mobile, IoT, and emerging technologies markets. The CompassIntel A-List Index combines research, quantitative metrics analysis, and expert analyst due diligence.

For the full version of this report, please visit the Compass Intelligence website.

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