“Designing Your Next Vision Product Using a Systems Approach,” a Presentation from Teknique

Ben Bodley, CEO of Teknique, presents the “Designing Your Next Vision Product Using a Systems Approach,” tutorial at the May 2019 Embedded Vision Summit.

Today it’s easier than ever to create a credible demo of a new smart camera product for a specific application. But the distance from a demo to a robust product is vast. In this talk, Bodley examines the key challenges in developing a smart camera product and explores approaches for overcoming these challenges.

Teknique focuses on utilizing a systems approach, in which all elements of a vision-enabled product are considered from the beginning of the project and brought together to achieve the product’s key success criteria. Bodley explains how this approach enables better product development and deployment results compared with a traditional, technology- and feature-based approach. Drawing upon 15+ years’ experience, he illustrates this approach through real- world examples highlighting crucial aspects such as the need for adequate initial proof of concept validation, tackling complex optical design and adopting scalable approaches to manufacturing to reach aggressive cost targets.

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