“Enabling the Next Kitchen Experience Through Embedded Vision,” a Presentation from Whirlpool

Sugosh Venkataraman, Vice President of Technology at Whirlpool, presents the “Enabling the Next Kitchen Experience Through Embedded Vision,” tutorial at the May 2019 Embedded Vision Summit.

Our kitchens are the hubs where we spend quality time with family and friends, preparing and eating meals. Today, instructions for cooking a particular meal are just a few clicks away. However, consumers must still work to translate recipes to the operation of kitchen appliances and, often, the results are disappointing. There’s clearly an unmet need for simplifying the cooking process and ensuring quality results.

In addition, appliance performance, which used to be the key differentiator, is rapidly becoming a given, so manufacturers must differentiate through enabling effortless, results- based cooking. For example, in the near future consumers will be offered recipes based on the ingredients in their kitchens and their preferences. The meal preparation process will be effortless and the results predictable. Embedded vision and machine learning will be key enablers of this future.

This presentation describes the journey that Whirlpool, a leading appliance manufacturer, has embarked on to apply embedded vision to realize the next level of consumer kitchen experiences. Based on Whirlpool’s experience to date, Venkataraman assesses aspects of embedded vision technology that are mature and areas where there are opportunities for innovation.

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