“Pioneering Analog Compute for Edge AI to Overcome the End of Digital Scaling,” a Presentation from Mythic

Mike Henry, CEO and Founder of Mythic, presents the “Pioneering Analog Compute for Edge AI to Overcome the End of Digital Scaling” tutorial at the May 2019 Embedded Vision Summit.

AI inference at the edge will continue to create insatiable demand for compute performance in power- and cost-constrained form factors. Taking into account past trends, continuous scale-up of algorithms and the real economic value now being generated by AI at the edge, a demand for 1000x more compute over the next 10 years is not out of the question.

Mythic is a pioneer in analog compute, a key technology that will take us well beyond the end of Moore’s Law and deliver powerful, easy to use compute at the edge to meet this demand. In this presentation, Henry discusses Mythic’s unique IPU architecture that combines analog compute with compute-in-memory, delivering an unparalleled combination of AI inference performance and energy efficiency. He also highlights the advantages of using the Mythic architecture in edge applications such as DNN-enabled video surveillance cameras.

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