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Quick recap: Region of Interest (ROI) trackers are used for tracking arbitrary moving objects or regions of an image. One example of this might be tracking something like a bottle a car, or in the case of our demo app, a shoe.

We’ve developed an app called shoe invaders to showcase how our ROI tracker can be applied to augmented applications and games. You can download the app here or watch the demo above.

Why is this significant

Over the past few years we’ve seen significant focus and progress on world tracking, and very little focus on Region Of Interest Tracking. In augmented reality, world tracking allows applications to anchor virtual objects to a particular point in the real world, but what about anchoring to moving objects?

Our state of the art ROI tracker TIO makes this possible. With TIO you can track and anchor virtual objects to moving real world objects, like the the rocket ship on the shoe in our shoe invaders app.

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